EgyptAir 804/MH Flight 370 Déjà vu… All Over Again

Been there!  Seen that!

In the hours and days following the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370, speculation was rampant.  The “talking heads” on Fox and CNN felt they had a license, maybe even a mandate, to speculate.  Few and far between were genuine experts and, even fewer and farther between, were  talking heads who were genuine experts and who refused to engage in speculation.

Plane-ly Spoken went back and looked at the posts in the days and weeks following March 8, 2014, the day MH 370 went missing.  The similarities are striking.

At the risk of being accused of repeating ourselves, we re-print our post from March 25, 2014.  Substitute EgyptAir for Malaysia Airlines, dates, airplane model and a few other things, and what can we say, but “Welcome to back to the future!”